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The Bluebell Team


Listed below are our Senior Practitioner and dedicated team of Trustees. They are all working hard behind the scenes to ensure the continued success of the Foundation. 

Our Senior Practitioner is on hand to help you when you need them most. With our Practitioner’s wealth of experience and her warm, welcoming presence, she is best placed to be your first point of contact and your on-going supporter. Our Practitioner will guide you through your bereavement and grieving, providing much needed support and aid throughout. 

Our Board of Trustees meet bi-monthly to discuss important matters with regards to the Foundation, as well as to organise, plan and implement fundraising events to keep the Foundation providing its vital work to the community. Many of the Trustees joined after personal experience with the service, and therefore are well placed to help point you in the right direction.  

Have a look further down the page and meet this dedicated team, who are working hard to provide you with the help you need. If you think you might like to join the team, then please click here to let us know or email our chairwoman ruthh@bluebell.org.uk. We will always welcome new team members!


Senior Practitioner

Our Senior Practitioners have a very important place on our team. They are our specialists and they will be the ones who will be helping you through your difficult time, either in your own home or a safe space.

Joy is our current practitioner, and she will be here to help guide you through your hard times. Please feel free to email Joy at: joyp@bluebell.org.uk for more information or to arrange a meeting to help start your journey.


Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Please feel free to email Ruth at: ruthh@bluebell.org.uk for information, queries, or to arrange meetings, to volunteer or become a trustee or patron, to help with donations or for any help you might require.



Please feel free to email Fiona at: fionae@bluebell.org.uk regarding any financial matters.



Please feel free to email Jo at: joannec@bluebell.org.uk with any questions you might have.


Line Manager

Please feel free to email Brenda at: brendag@bluebell.org.uk if you have any queries.



Please feel free to email Mags at: magsh@bluebell.org.uk if you have any information that can help us to make fundraising bids, any ideas for helping raise funds or any other information regarding donations.



Please feel free to email at: helen.gregory@bluebell.org.uk with any queries you might have, suggestions for our website or online presence, about any donations you might like to make, anything regarding our annual Halloween Ball or any other event we are holding.


If you're not sure who to email

Please feel free to email info@bluebell.org.uk for more information if you are unsure who is best to contact, the info email address will signpost you to the right person to ensure your need is met.



Nathan is our volunteer IT expert. He helps maintain the website and email system, ensures the hosting is kept up to date and is generally on hand to help the trustees with whatever IT help they may need.

Thank you Nathan!

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