One of our Patrons, Mr Denis Horan Jr, has very kindly released a song on behalf of The Bluebell Foundation. It is a beautiful tribute to all those we have lost, and a reminder that they will never ever be forgotten.

We have included Denis’s own words below as he has wonderfully encapsulated his feelings and thoughts about the song he has so thoughtfully created and given an introduction to it like no other could.

“I am delighted to be releasing the song I wrote for the wonderful people of the amazing organisation that helps grieving families THE BLUEBELL FOUNDATION.
I was asked to come to a meeting about the 2017 Halloween party and in that meeting all the committee and organisers disclosed their individual stories of pain and loss; yet they still run this wonderful much needed group for local grieving families going through the hardest of times and within 10 minutes of leaving the meeting wrote this song.
Nobody should lose a child, I can’t begin to comprehend that pain.
My own loss of losing parents has been soul destroying enough.
My heart goes out to everyone and hope this song can raise awareness for the Bluebell Foundation and all the good work do they continue to do.”

The following link will take you to the song in question. Please note it is an emotional song, however we hope you like it and think it an incredible tribute to all those who were destined for a better place:

We would like to say a huge thank you to Denis for his hard work on writing this beautiful song and putting so much thought into it.

If you would like to help the Bluebell Foundation by purchasing a copy of this single and video priced at £3.00 you can email for more information and your very own copy.