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Thank you so much!

The Bluebell Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to local lady (and baking legend) Carol Picthall for her incredibly generous donation of £250.

Carol raised all of the proceeds through baking her own (very gorgeous) creations, such as Mother’s Day and Easter cupcakes. These delectable treats were all purchased by friends and family, helping to raise the money for the Bluebell Foundation.

Carol also raised money for the St Mary’s Hospice and Furness CancerCare, and plans to raise money for other local charities for the entire year! This is an incredible achievement, and a testament to her hard work and talent. We are truly honoured to have been picked as one of her charities!

We are so incredibly grateful to Carol for all her hard work. So thank you Carol, and to everyone who purchased her beautiful cupcakes (pictured below for you to feast your eyes upon). We are so thankful for such kind and wonderful individuals such as yourself. Your donation will ensure that our work will continue for all those needing the help of Bluebell, and for that we are truly appreciative! Thank you!

Flower Cupcakes baked by Carol